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All About the Reboot

Do any of you remember this show from the 90’s?

I loved this show as a kid, I now need to waste a day and rewatch this show.  The adventures inside of a computer as programs worked to mend and defend the city aka “mainframe”  from Megabyte and Hexadecimal, two viruses bent on infecting the world.

The concept of Reboot can become applicable to our own lives. The “mainframe” is our lives, we are Guardian Bob with an array of quirky sprites to assist us and we have viruses like Megabyte and Hexadecimal to thwart our desires and goals. That is the place I am at right now. It is time to reboot again, to start over on the journey to weight loss central.  To fend off the viruses of despair and lack of motivation, to change out my weapons to better combat my enemies.

Occasionally we all need to do a reboot of our lives, or even just certain areas of our lives. When we do though, the good news is that we get to keep all the EXP learned and just have to reapply our points as we start again on a different leg of the journey.  We retain all that we learned, what worked and what didn’t, and where we failed.  Then we can take all this information and use it to try again.

Equip Yourself

I know there are many times in RPGs that I will stop in a town or safe zone and assess my equipment.  I will take stock of what I have, equip better equipment or improve my current equipment before continuing the journey.  We can read dozens of success stories and become so inspired to go about things the way they did and then get even more discouraged when their success doesn’t translate to our success.

However, what they did may not exactly work for you or me.  We have to find the equipment, the regime, or appropriate lifestyle changes that will work for us individually.  Just like in an RPG party you can’t have all Warriors; you need the Mages, Healers, Ranged, and Tanks to create a balanced and effective party.  In the very same vein, the same strategy of weight loss, eating right etc isn’t going to work for every person.

We have to tailor the weight loss to each of us individually, find what you like to do physically and do that, and then when that is easy find ways to level it up to increase the difficulty.  Experiment with different lifestyle changes for food to find the one that works for you.

If you struggle with losing weight and you have tried different diets, then maybe a good option to try is a food allergy test. See maybe what foods are you eating that you are actually allergic to that are prohibiting you from losing weight.  I know for my own mother that is what really kicked her weight loss and health to a new gear when she found out what all she was actually allergic to and yet still consuming.  It is amazing how much better you feel as a whole when you are no longer putting things into your body that are essentially poison to you.

So today, decide if it is time to reboot, restart, or respawn your life or just a certain area of your life.  I know I have had several things happen that brought about this thought to reboot my life.  This post worked out great to begin a series of post next week.  I will talk about that more in next weeks post.

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Epic Quest of Epic-ness

Again another post from Nerd Fitness that I am going to apply to my own life.

Steve Kamb has turned his life into a videogame and is working to Level Up His Life (his epic quest list is in the NF link above ^).

I posted my loose epic quest list on my facebook. However, I am going to shape it and refine it below and take a page from Steve’s RPG and turn my life into one!

I AM LEVEL 3 (40% to level 4)
Thought I would be higher level but hey now is the time to get working on leveling up my life and crush the enemies before me and work hard towards those higher levels and bigger creatures and more experience!

Level Three:
Meet Lindsey Stirling (October 2012)
Take A Road Trip (anywhere) (completed Sept 2012)
Become Proficient in Archery (completed April 2014)

Level Two:
Attend a Movie Premiere Locally (completed Feb 2009) Repo:Genetic Rock Opera
Have my picture taken with a celebrity (completed Feb 2009) Terrence Zdunich
Have my picture appear in an local blog (completed Apr 2010)
Be Best Man in a Wedding (double exp for 2x 2010 & 2012)

Level One:
Participate in a Talent Competition (completed July 2001) IMTA
Visit Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark (completed July 2000)
Audition for a Syndicated Television Program (completed July 1998) Even Stevens
Gamble in the Bahamas (completed 2007)
Have friends extra in a movie (completed Jan 2009) The movie Ink

The rest of my list, yet to be accomplished:
Meet Sarah Brightman
Meet Celtic Woman (specifically Chloe Agnew)
Return to Sweden for a Time
Finish Main Project, Book One by Dec 31st 2014
Finish Book Two by Dec 31st 2015
Finish Book Three by Dec 31st 2016
Finish Book Four by Dec 31st 2017
Publish the Series in 2018
Be Married by 30 (2016)
Move out of State
Spend a Month in Ireland
Stay at a Castle in Ireland
Spend a Month in England, Scotland and Wales
Go to the DW experience in Cardiff, Wales
Spend time in Germany
Visit Italy, Greece and France
Crush Grapes with my feet at an Italian Vineyard in Italy
Be a Speaker at a Nationally known Christian Conference
Goal Weight by December 2014 (99 lbs to lose)
Learn to play the Guitar
Write a Worship Song
Get completely out from under my parents
Purchase a New Car Myself
Pay off all student loan debt
Publish The Traverse Book
Publish a Christian Allegory
Be on Sid Roth’s show
Be a guest speaker at a TED or TEDx Event
Travel the Nation visiting my list of churches to see
Train in Krav Maga
Spend a year in the Christian Conference Circuit
Take the Middle Earth Tour
Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
Walk the Path of Jesus in Israel
Follow the Path of Paul Tour
Visit Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Devil’s Thumb
Have One Million in the Bank (debt free)
Design and build my dream home
FIt into a size 32/34 pant and a Medium Shirt (comfortably)
Completely transform my wardrobe
Successfully complete a pull up
Attend a Hollywood Premiere
Be invited to the White House
Learn from Entrepreneur Dani Johnson
Look Good Naked
Updated 7/21
Attend First Steps to Success seminar
Attend Creating a Dynasty seminar
Play Jesus in Godspell
Play Edna Turnblad in Hairspray
Play Cowardly Lion in Wizard of OZ
Play Eric the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera or Love Never Dies
Go Backpacking
Updated 5/7/14
Have a recurring  role in a TV series
Graduate from AMTC
Gain Agent representation

If there is anything you think I have forgotten or should add, let me know 🙂 and of course my list will grow and change as each year comes and goes!

Go out and Feel the Burn today Nerds 🙂