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In a Mirror World

We all have this ideal of how we want to look, what we want our lives to be like, how we want to live etc.  I know that I definitely have this narrow field of how I want(ed) everything to look.  However, the fact of the situation is that nothing could be farther from what I desire.  My current place in life isn’t even remotely close to what I had envisioned at 29.

The first step to fixing a problem is realizing there is one.

I know there is a problem, I know that I have problems that need fixing.  Like I stated a couple weeks ago, I don’t even know where to begin.  Recently, it feels like I am stuck in the hallway of life, surrounded by doors and none of them unlocked.  I have felt like I have supported many in pushing forward and finding their unlocked doors of destiny and yet I cannot seem to find mine. My list of problems is broad but my understanding of how to begin fixing them is limited.

I am writing this from a place of honesty.  Writing this from a place of confusion in my life.  As we look at the mirror of our lives and view the reflection staring back at us, we cannot compare it to others.  Something I still do frequently.  I wish I had/was/could ________ (insert desire here).  We begin to formulate this list of things we find wrong in our lives and forget the list of blessings.  We formulate this list of things we wish we had, could do, were etc and get so blindsided by these things that we prevent ourselves from looking at the positive circumstances around us.

This is a place I have backed myself into, I have cornered myself with what I don’t have and zeroed in on those things and the good around me has become a blur.

Instead of trying to put everything back together at once, I need to take a single piece, figure out where it belongs and go from there.  Take each piece at a time and examine them before moving on to the next piece.  I need to take each area of my life, take that piece,look at it from all angles and find out how to put it back into its place.  And I need to be okay with finding pieces that no longer belong and throwing them out.  It is going to be a painful process where I am going to have to remove shards that have embedded themselves into my flesh.  However, I have to remember that it is all about slow slicing success.  No matter how painful it is going to be.

Hack it up into chunks

I may also need to take pieces and cut them up into separate chunks so that they will fit better as part of the whole.  If I want to lose over 100 pounds over the next year, I need to cut up the weight loss into smaller parts and focus on meeting the smaller goals and quit focusing on the end game.  If I want to move out, make more money, lose weight, get out of debt etc then I need to take the pieces one by one and refit them into the whole picture I have for my life. I need to quit focusing on the shattered image I see of myself and my life in the mirror and change my perspective to see the individual pieces that need fixing.

It is going to suck, it is going to hurt. I have to endure.  I need to endure.  I cannot see the completed picture, I can only see what is in front of my right now and I need to attack a section at a time and quit worrying about the whole image.  It will come together in time, I need to be patient with my future and more importantly with myself.  All things will work out for good in the end.

Let me know what parts of your life you want/need to fix.  Would love comments, thoughts, suggestions.  Thanks folks!



Forward Ho!!!

There are plenty of books, speakers, websites and a plethora of information out there on how to live your life to the fullest and pursue your dreams.  I know cause I read a lot on the topic and I have written quite a bit about the subject.

With the help of inspiring bloggers and world changers like Steve Kamb at Nerdfitness and Chris Guillebeau at Art of Nonconformity, along with the amazing speaker and entrepreneur Dani Johnson, they all have influenced me so much recently.  Steve for getting my health and weight on track (which I have lost about 14 lbs in 13 weeks!). Chris for rekindling the desire to pursue that which burns within my heart to do and then Dani for giving me the drive to get my life and finances under control and get back on track. All three together have been influential in making the effort to change, grow and push forward. And very recently T. Harv Eker for helping me change my Financial and Mental Blueprint.  Four people that I would love to meet! *hint hint haha*

I have been truly blessed by their work and businesses, igniting the spark in me to reclaim those dreams which I had set down or seemingly lost.  What dreams do you have that you have given up on or forgotten? As I have read recently from multiple sources, that it doesn’t matter your parents, your upbringing, your financial situation, age, gender, race etc to succeed or push for your dreams.  The only thing that is stopping you is you!  You can go from homeless, in debt and pregnant and make millions of dollars or drop out of high school and eventually get a masters degree.

Your circumstances don’t matter, it is when you allow your circumstances to be bigger than your dreams that matters.  When you give up on everything you wanted to do because those bills weight more than your desire to travel, purchase a home, start a family, start a business, volunteer in a non-profit, that is the problem.  Here is the thing, if you have had enough and that little flame inside that contains that desire to make a change just won’t quit then crack the shell and let the passion consume you.  Let that desire for change override your fear and doubts and do what it takes to succeed.

Start today, don’t want till tomorrow!  Right now make one small change and effort to step forward in the direction of your dreams. Maybe it’s to start a blog, send out a manuscript, post your creative skills on Etsy, backpack the world or to relocate and start afresh.  Whatever it may be, pursue it with all your heart and you will find that the doors will open for the opportunity to be grasped by the horns and rode to success.

Don’t let fear, doubt, money or anything stop you from climbing to the top of your road to success.  Take life by the horns and force it to wear the saddle of your dreams.  Make it submit to the cry of your heart, the recurring dreams of the night and the daydreams when you are lost in thought.  As Mr. Guillebeau has said (paraphrased) “Don’t give up cause we are all rooting for you to succeed! ” And I mean it, I want to succeed and I want, above all else, to see you live the passion of your heart.  So today, pick them back up, dust them off, shake off the dust of your past and put one foot in front of the other and walk out that door into the fullness of your dreams.

Just think, the thing(s) you may be yearning to do or create, there may be no one else in the world with the same desire!  How can we all experience the greatness locked inside of you if you are too afraid to let it out and do what you were created to do? As Queen Elsa so popularly has stated, “Let it Go!”  So take that key, undo the chains and lock and set those dreams, passions and desires free!  Do it!  Now!

Go out and feel the burn of your dreams today nerds!

Leave a comment with what your dreams and passions are, share this with someone who needs to hear this, or needs an encouraging word.

Disclaimer: this is in no way a push as an affiliate of them, I am doing this completely of my own volition to give credit where credit is due!


In the Dark of the Night

First off, this post isn’t about what you think!  Get your heads out of the gutter mortals!
(maybe your mind didn’t go there, I just thought it might…)

Anyways, in the dark of the night, that time when everyone has gone to bed and you are still up watching your favorite Tv show or a movie or catching up on a fanfic that you follow. I don’t know.  But the reality is that this is the time that I think we most often do the things we do not intend/want to do.  Personally, this is the time that I fail most on what I eat.  I think that “hey my parents are asleep, it won’t be a problem if I just snack on some string cheese or popcorn or chips and salsa.”  *insert annoying buzzer sound* Wrong, this is the worst time to cheat.

Just because your parents/roommates/spouse/significant other is asleep doesn’t give you the opportunity or “right” to start the late night munching.  To do your best to “sneak” into the kitchen and grab that handful of chips or that late night bowl of cereal.  You have done well all day and then shortly after everyone is soundly asleep you give into those urges to calm the munchy gremlins (one of my top movies except for this guy) and you raid the pantry or fridge and spoil the diet you have done well to uphold.

Now two bits of advice for you:
One) Don’t kick yourself over it. Shake of the dust and get over it
Two) Start over tomorrow.

There you go, simple right?!  Look, it isn’t going to do us any good to beat ourselves up over failing our lifestyle change.  It is going to take time and work to resist those urges and have the victory.  Make a decision right now to not give in, if you fail, follow some of the things that Steve Kamb mentions in the above article (step one of my advice) and vow to continue the next day.  Or follow some more of his advice and use the Force to change up some of those habits. I am not an affiliate of Nerd Fitness, I just really love the articles that he posts and the information contained within them.

I failed last night, after the house was quiet like a mouse (except for the creaking floor where I walked) I went into the kitchen and ate some cheese and popcorn.  Shame on me, but see I am not going to go full Paleo overnight.  I would have to have the funds to purchase all Paleo items myself and I don’t have that kind of money right now.  I still live with my parents and they don’t follow the same lifestyle so there are plenty of tasty goods there to tempt me.  When I have an assortment of truly Paleo items at my consumption then it may be a lot easier to transition from all the unhealthy to caveman diet.

I mean come on, Anakin didn’t become Darth Vader overnight and Luke wasn’t a full fledged Jedi the moment he was born.  It took persistence and training in Dagoba Swamp to have enough ability to raise his X-wing.  So give yourself some slack from screwing up, push away the image of the scolding mother shaking her disappointed finger at you and put the train back on the tracks and get going.  If it helps you, find someone to hold you accountable to eat right and healthy and even to help motivate you to keep up with your workout routine.

So shoulders back, chin up, put on that confident face and get back to work.  I am cheering you on to succeed just as I am (trying) to cheer myself on to victory.

Go out and Feel the Burn today Nerds 🙂  I still am from Monday by the way!