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Does this make me look fat?!

The “Big 8” and no I am not talking about basketball (although that is called the final 8, but you get my point). The 8 to which I am referring is the most common allergies. According to the Mayo clinic they are:

Tree nuts aka: walnuts, almonds Etc

Those may be the most common allergies, but while picking up some books on reserve from the Library I noticed something, the growing number of books dedicated to eating without dairy, gluten and peanuts. I had a revelation during this observation, I think our bodies are trying to tell us something in regards to what we should no longer be consuming .

Maybe I am reaching or stretching but you cannot deny the fact that more and more books, workouts, websites are discussing and suggesting eating Primal, Paleo or Caveman. Whatever the name it still reads the same, cutting out dairy, gluten and peanuts along with legumes.

Do a search for Paleo on Google and it returns 14.6 million search results.  The words Gluten Free garner 118 Million results.  I don’t think it is mere coincidence that our culture is becoming gluten and dairy intolerant.  We weren’t meant to consume milk past infancy.  Not to mention that we have injected our dairy and gluten products with so much crap that it practically has become addictive.  Trust me for the longest time I had about 6 gallons of milk myself a month and it hasn’t been until recently that I pretty much stopped drinking it altogether. There are so many hormones processed within the milk and the cows it comes from that I am surprised that more men haven’t started growing mammary glands (kidding, mostly).  Honestly, besides our genetics telling us we weren’t designed to process so much gluten and the fact we have played off the “health benefits” of carbs (bread, pasta etc) we have made our society increasingly gluten intolerant.

Another realization while reading The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain, I noticed that we promote certain diets that give a quick fix in weight loss, but not a long term maintaining weight loss.  The diets that the FDA or even our Government advertise are actually keeping people unhealthy thus continuing their reliance upon our Governmental Health care system.  It then gives people numerous drugs and pills with side effects that keeps the person in a continual cycle of health system dependence continuing to put money in the systems pockets and shortening our life spans and increasing our risk of heart disease, cancer and other illnesses.   Really for all the facts, pick up the aforementioned book, it really is full of interesting facts, studies and information that is easy to process and read.

The biggest thing I think needs to happen is going back to our roots, people are more aware of how unhealthy most of the food purchased at grocery stores really is for us and switching to free range chicken, grass-fed beef and pesticide free fruits and vegetables.  Yes the prices for such items is expensive currently, however the more people realize and desire to purchase the items the cheaper they will become.  Supply and Demand, the more the demand for organic, free range and grass fed will push the price to go lower.  It is just a matter of time and persistence before Paleo will grow beyond 14.6 million search results and stores will be promoting the Paleo Lifestyle and more restaurants will accommodate their menus to reflect this need and hunger (no pun intended…okay actually it was) for going back to the eating habits of our ancestors.

Go out and do your own research before taking my word, read what I am writing with a grain of salt (this should also be eliminated from your foods) and take a look at Paleo diet books, websites and come to the conclusion for yourself before taking the leap.

Go out and Feel the Burn today Nerds 🙂


Polishing the Mirror

Doing Cardio  zumba after pushing myself during my bodyweight circuits yesterday = two left feet.  After my muscles warmed up and caught up with my brain then I didn’t fail as bad.  I am feeling those lunges in my thighs for real, squatting down and bending over makes my muscles scream.  However, the soreness is well worth it as my gaze is set upon what I will look like in a few months from now.  March 18th was when I had picked up with the focus to lose weight, I dropped out of the motivation zone for about 9 weeks.  That is crazy how fast time can fly when we lose our motivation, focus and/or drive.  I am thankful that I finally got that back and I have to attribute it to friends and the Lord for choosing to hold me accountable and willing to push me to get going and off my butt.

Now that Colorado has finally got it’s weather hormones in gear and we are passed memorial day, I am excited to get my swim on, or hike Chautauqua park in Boulder.  Either way it is going to be great getting back outdoors and into this beautiful state.  I also need to tan this Irish body, cause right now I could be used as a reflector for a light house and that is scary! (no really I am pretty sure that I glow in a dark room)  Tan and working out?  Am I on Jersey Shore or something?  Correction, never would I want to look like ANYONE from that show.  I prefer to look like myself just healthier and fit, not like someone who will eventually look like a leather couch after years of tanning. But this Irish guy with 25% Native American has to braise the irish part to kick in the Native American side, otherwise I will never get darker.  It is all worth it though.

After posting the pictures of my current image yesterday I printed out what I looked like back in 2011 and yesterday and have them hung alongside the image of Zac Efron as a reminder to myself why I am doing this.  I have the past hung up as a reminder of where I was, current as to where I am now and Zac as where I want to be by the end of the year (at least my goal weight if not toned out, Lord willing).  We all need those reminders to keep us going, let them be the first thing we see in the morning to motivate us to do that workout or to push ourselves just a single rep farther than yesterday.  Cause as the days and weeks go by and we take pictures to document our progress we will realize that it was all worth it.  That six months or even a year from now, we may not even recognize the person we see in the mirror cause we have come a long way from the obese person we saw daily.

But let us not go another day without changing even just one thing in our die, let it be switching one soda for water or picking up an apple instead of that Klondike bar.  Because we do not want to look at ourselves a year from now and see someone twice the size of the person we see today. I am not trying to bash the ladies in the picture, cause Lord knows He sees them as beautiful even if their weight is extremely unhealthy, I am using it as a reference point if we continue to do nothing about our weight.  Each step we take towards a healthier lifestyle is one step closer to looking in the mirror and seeing that “celebrity body” we have desired to attain.

What thing(s) are you going to change or make the immediate effort to change today so that you can get one step closer to your goal weight or body?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Go out and Feel The Burn today Nerds 🙂  Cause I know I am