Dare to Dream your Dreams

Last post was in September!  I am a slacker!  And I mean that, because from the time that I last posted till six weeks ago, I put back on the weight that I lost.  I was back up to 300 lbs and that is not, by any means, good.  However,  six weeks ago I began again, again. If you want to see my progress, check it out here Weight Loss Tracking. (my personal facebook page)  The progress is definitely slow and most days, very irritating.  I believe it stems from an american mindset of instant gratification.

And that is one of my downfalls to continuing and maintaining a workout regime; wanting to see instant and immediate results.

However, I have given myself more grace than in the past and taking it step by step and one day at a time.  I have been focusing more on chasing my fork and less on exercising.  One thing at a time to tackle, instead of several things at once like I have before.  It is difficult to remember that we all have limited willpower to accomplish tasks and that we should focus more on one task, strive towards the goal and then when it becomes habitual move a willpower point to another task.  Running on all cylinders is something, I think, we all tend to do from time to time and sooner or later we blow a piston and end up dead in the water.  This can be avoided by focusing on one or two things at a time.  For me, lately, it has been working to eat right and, as of Saturday, picking my acting dreams back up.

I have been a stage actor for the past 18-19 years, but it wasn’t until the past couple months that that passion has been highly renewed.  I often have told the people in my life to find what they enjoy doing and pursue it with all their heart, and no matter the pay or hours, if it is their passion they will enjoy doing it.  Alas, I choose not to follow my own advice and I realized that this past weekend after auditioning for AMTC (take the time to watch the video and see what they are all about and what I am being called to do).  Sunday morning I received a callback and I went and joined AMTC to take the chance, follow my dreams and the Lord and step out of the boat and see what will happen.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to go forth in pursuit of my dreams and passion, to get the opportunity to do what I attempted years ago but dropped the ball for lack of vision and dedication.

I am going to push forward with all my might to see this through, to use my willpower to eat right and see my dreams become reality.  Your support is greatly appreciated, so is your encouragement.  What would also be phenomenal, if you feel so led, is to help me make this all a reality by contributing to the cause and sharing this with those you know and get the word out!

I also highly encourage you to do the same, find what you love doing and pursue it no matter what.   Forget the naysayers, the doubters and the complainers and go forth in the direction of your dreams.  Some say that whatever positive energy and dreams you put out there the universe will do everything it can to make it a reality.  I firmly believe that God has put those dreams in your heart for a reason and when you take the step to see them become a reality, He will come alongside you and open and close doors that no man can touch.

Go out and pursue your dreams today Nerds and Nerdettes and I would love to hear what they are!


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