A Burning One

With very few exceptions you cannot control a burn/fire, this is evident by the amount of times that a controlled or prescribed burn has gotten out of control and turned into a wildfire (this is an amazing picture).  What point am I trying to make?  I say that to say this, that I started this blog to be vulnerable and honest with those I know personally and those i do not.  Not to say there are some things I won’t post on here, but to be open with all of you about my failures and successes in a lifestyle of burning.  To be raw and truthful, just like fire.

How is fire raw, truthful, vulnerable and honest you ask?

The elements themselves have no hidden motives, a fire burns to consume and feed, the water erodes and nourishes, the earth sustains and provides and the wind shifts and moves.  The elements cannot lie and cheat, they do what they were created to do.  And I believe that we as humans, the pinnacle of creation, should humble ourselves and return to being raw, honest and truthful with ourselves and others.

To burn means to overcome fear, that knot in your stomach and that voice in the back of your heard telling you not to go ahead.  To burn means to push forward and persevere, even when all odds seem against you.  To burn means that feeling you get after an awesome workout session.  To burn means to set yourself ablaze (figuratively of course) with a passion and desire in your heart that burns and screams so loud that it overrides everything else in your life.   It boils down to this, I wrote this blog to burn, to be on fire in my life, to no longer live a life of mediocre drive and passion, but to live life to the fullest, pursue my dreams and goals and become a burning one.  A burning man with resolve and dedication and not allowing others to inhibit what I desire to do, no matter what.

And I want the rest of you to come along with me!  Let us burn together, letting our fires combine and spread the burn!  Setting ablaze one another to succeed and push to the next level.  One small fire can only do so much, but when you light multiple fires those can go out of control and create a wildfire.  So nerds (and non nerds) let’s go out today and feel the burn and burn together and light one another up to spread this fire we have resonating within!

Leave me any comments and suggestions!  I am looking forward to connecting with you to hear how you go out and burn!



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