Along came Fear and sat down beside you

“In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship Evil’s Might, Beware My Power- Green Lantern’s Light!”

The Oath of the DC comic book heroes known as the Green Lanterns or the Lantern Corps.  A group of 7200+ humanoids assigned to different sectors of space to “police” that section.

Before the entire emotional spectrum had lanterns (the name for the heroes) there was just the green lanterns and their ability to use Willpower. Along came Fear, or Parallax who was the one weakness to the Green Lanterns.  To fight this weakness and inability to fight against the color yellow, a lantern had to overcome their fears and thus able to withstand the effect of the color yellow and its fear effect.

Fear wants to paralyze us in terror so we will not move or act in the plans and dreams we desire.  We have to overcome this fear!!  Each of us has weaknesses, fears and flaws that keep us from succeeding and preceding in our dreams.  We have to overcome the yellow aspect of our lives that we allow to prevent us from moving forward.  I know that fear is a huge thing in my life, fear of spiders, fear of failure (a good quick read) etc.

However Fear is a choice, that is why we need to have 20 secs of Courage and just take that fraction of time and push to step out of that safety zone and into the unknown and see what happens.  We may fail, we may even succeed, in the end no matter the outcome we have gained insight in how to proceed next time.  This goes along with trying to plan and think of all possible outcomes or situations that may arise, (guilty as charged your honor!) Which very, very quickly becomes analysis paralysis and then you end up doing nothing because none of the predisposed possibilities your limited human mind conjured resulted in a desirable end aka A Perfect Conclusion. This thought process ends up becoming a strain of self-sabotage that initiates the eventuality of you never accomplishing anything because no situational result ever looks desirable enough to make any semblance of an effort. How’s that for non-commital huh?!

I guess that is the reason that the Green Lanterns are my favorite superheroes…not including the fact that I believe that Green is the supreme color and all others pale in the mighty greatness of the color Green. Ahem excuse me…anyways the Green Lanterns really don’t have time to react, they stick to their code of honor and let their minds and the ring come up with what they are going to do in a situation. They do not waste time sitting in a corner precalculating how the fight is going to turn out, they jump in there, do their job and adjust as necessary.  I believe we all can take a page from their books (pun intended) and step forward as a self-proclaimed Green Lantern in our own lives, defeat our personal Parallaxes and no longer be restricted by the hideous color yellow in our lives.

So do you want to continue to remain in the vicious circle of analysis paralysis and never accomplishing any of your dreams or goals? Or are you going to take 20 seconds and take Parallax on one fight at a time and eventually leave him crying in the dust as you take the next exit to success and one step closer to your dreams?  Today is the day to decide, as the saying goes “A year from now you will wish you had started today!”  Make a conscious choice and effort to begin today to overcome those fears that berate you and become the person you see yourself eventually being.

Go Out and Feel the Burn Today Nerds and Kick some Fear Rear!

Photo: Green, Fear, Parallax


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