It has been nearly a month since I have posted anything, it doesn’t even seem that long, however the date does not lie.  The past few weeks have been really hard for me, I haven’t worked out, I have eaten like carbs are going out of style and since then I have put on ten pounds.  Or just finally stepped on a scale that actually works and maybe I haven’t actually lost as much weight as I originally thought.  Either way the truth is that I have failed.

And upon this failure I have come to the realization that carbs are going to be the hardest thing for me to eliminate.  I go without carbs and I realize my body craves them, the sugar and sweets not so much it seems but the carbs…good lawrdy!


And that above is totally the truth, besides the 200 crunches (like I said before I haven’t worked out in three weeks).  My mindset is completely off, I keep telling myself “Oh I can begin tomorrow, Buffalo Wild Wings is okay today but not after this.  Eating that Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Chick-fil-a isn’t that bad.” etc etc etc etc. (Chick-fil-a is the devil, I don’t think I could ever get enough of it…)  However, here is the thing, I need to go completely Paleo,  I need to get my eating habits and lifestyle change in check and on track. After all that was the reason for starting this blog right?  To talk about my lifestyle change and get support from the interwebs to motivate me to continue to progress towards my weight loss goals?

Not to mention that I blurted out “Yes” when asked by one of my managers at work if I wanted to join their Biggest Loser….I said yes to what?  And to top it off it is $50 I said yes to give over for the competition, and the winner gets the complete collection of ‘entrance fees’.  I don’t have $50 to spend on a competition and my mindset is that it’s just fifty dollars and who cares if I lose it to a stupid competition.  That is the complete wrong mindset to have.  I need to be totally motivated to win so I don’t have to eat that money, alas this morning I tried to workout with a body weight routine and I Sucked, I mean it was atrocious, like royally!  I don’t know how to do this, I have read so much and I think I know but when it truly comes down to stepping up to the plate and going for it, I choke!


In reality I desperately choose the body I have wanted for years!  I need too, I have too.  To gain 10 lbs because I chose to eat like crap is unacceptable and things have got to change around here.  I need to alter and modify my mindset and attitude to drive me towards winning the competition and eliminating carbs.  To finally seeing those abs and muscles that have been buried for 27 years under layers of fat, stored energy and growing cholesterol.  So I have 10 weeks to try to lose as much weight as possible, that means I have to be ultra dedicated to losing weight, eating paleo and working out.  I have to push myself to succeed and I need your help cause God knows I am my own worst motivator.  After stepping on the scale at work I currently weigh as of 7/1/2013, 274 lbs.  10 weeks to lose as much as possible, time for hardcore workout time and driving myself closer to completing an epic quest goal by December.  That means I have to quest goals to accomplish by the end of the Year, guess I better get cracking huh?!

Thanks for reading Nerds and Go Out and Feel the Burn Today!

pictures taken from Facebook sorry, don’t have the source.


One thought on “Mmm…Carbs!

  1. I know you can do this, Josh! But… and this will sound cliche… the only way you’ll accomplish it is if YOU believe you can do it.
    I was thinking… I can totally relate to the “it’s only $50” thing. I am not motivated by money or a prize at the end. If I don’t really want to do it, or it I don’t give myself a REALLY good reason to do it, I don’t care!
    So, find that space within yourself to care about it more than the hardship. It’s all in your own mind… it’s all about your own psychology. To conquer that negative psychology we’ve got going on in our heads, we almost have to rewire them.
    I’m still trying to rewire myself a bit, but what really helped for me was to pay attention to the things I liked about working out. For example (truthfully), I now work out because I like being strong. I like the confidence it gives me. I feel better. I can do 10 jumping jacks without getting winded or breaking a sweat. I’m seeing progress! And honestly, losing weight would be nice, but at this point, all I’ve decided to do is build a habit and get strong. I’m noticing that if I skip a workout (which happens!), I kinda hate myself. And I hate hating myself!
    it seems right now you’re dealing with the eating part more than the working out part? Maybe you should just do the eating part for a month, get the hang of it, and then add the workouts? Or just don’t work out as often?
    The hardest part about making a major life change like this if figuring out what works for you and your psychology. So perhaps this isn’t a failure, Josh. Perhaps this is an opportunity to reflect on the last time, figure out what made you quit, and then change it. Maybe you could think of this as an experiment…
    I don’t know. Whatever makes it easier for you! Anyways, buddy, I’m here for you!


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