In the Dark of the Night

First off, this post isn’t about what you think!  Get your heads out of the gutter mortals!
(maybe your mind didn’t go there, I just thought it might…)

Anyways, in the dark of the night, that time when everyone has gone to bed and you are still up watching your favorite Tv show or a movie or catching up on a fanfic that you follow. I don’t know.  But the reality is that this is the time that I think we most often do the things we do not intend/want to do.  Personally, this is the time that I fail most on what I eat.  I think that “hey my parents are asleep, it won’t be a problem if I just snack on some string cheese or popcorn or chips and salsa.”  *insert annoying buzzer sound* Wrong, this is the worst time to cheat.

Just because your parents/roommates/spouse/significant other is asleep doesn’t give you the opportunity or “right” to start the late night munching.  To do your best to “sneak” into the kitchen and grab that handful of chips or that late night bowl of cereal.  You have done well all day and then shortly after everyone is soundly asleep you give into those urges to calm the munchy gremlins (one of my top movies except for this guy) and you raid the pantry or fridge and spoil the diet you have done well to uphold.

Now two bits of advice for you:
One) Don’t kick yourself over it. Shake of the dust and get over it
Two) Start over tomorrow.

There you go, simple right?!  Look, it isn’t going to do us any good to beat ourselves up over failing our lifestyle change.  It is going to take time and work to resist those urges and have the victory.  Make a decision right now to not give in, if you fail, follow some of the things that Steve Kamb mentions in the above article (step one of my advice) and vow to continue the next day.  Or follow some more of his advice and use the Force to change up some of those habits. I am not an affiliate of Nerd Fitness, I just really love the articles that he posts and the information contained within them.

I failed last night, after the house was quiet like a mouse (except for the creaking floor where I walked) I went into the kitchen and ate some cheese and popcorn.  Shame on me, but see I am not going to go full Paleo overnight.  I would have to have the funds to purchase all Paleo items myself and I don’t have that kind of money right now.  I still live with my parents and they don’t follow the same lifestyle so there are plenty of tasty goods there to tempt me.  When I have an assortment of truly Paleo items at my consumption then it may be a lot easier to transition from all the unhealthy to caveman diet.

I mean come on, Anakin didn’t become Darth Vader overnight and Luke wasn’t a full fledged Jedi the moment he was born.  It took persistence and training in Dagoba Swamp to have enough ability to raise his X-wing.  So give yourself some slack from screwing up, push away the image of the scolding mother shaking her disappointed finger at you and put the train back on the tracks and get going.  If it helps you, find someone to hold you accountable to eat right and healthy and even to help motivate you to keep up with your workout routine.

So shoulders back, chin up, put on that confident face and get back to work.  I am cheering you on to succeed just as I am (trying) to cheer myself on to victory.

Go out and Feel the Burn today Nerds 🙂  I still am from Monday by the way!


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