The Weakest Link

Real quick before you continue, take 5 minutes and read this article by Darren Hardy.  It is a quick read but well worth the time.

I never really have attacked my weaknesses, the things I suck at I usually just leave them alone and move onto something else.   I mean who honestly wants to spend time getting better at the things that are our weaknesses, wouldn’t it be better to just try and forget about them and continue to do the things we are good at? Take a minute (or two) and think about your weaknesses, what things in your life are your Achilles heel?

A few of mine:
Fear of Confrontation
Afraid to talk to people outside of work. aka working my business
Lack of Confidence.  Here is a great article from NerdFitness on the topic
Fear of Rejection
Foregoing the Unhealthy things
Sticking to my Goals

Those are just a few that come to mind, most of them are mental and emotional issues.  Last year we took 8 youth to camp in Texas and after we came back i made the decision to stop drinking soda/pop, it has been 10 months and I haven’t had any soda (expect for when we played suicide pong for youth group one night).  But there are certain things in my life that I have the hardest time to conquer/overcome.

Although victory isn’t just overnight, some of the greatest military campaigns lasted years and they didn’t have immediate triumph. They had to continue to work and push against the opposition in order to have their dreams come true.  Success isn’t given, sure you have the rare percentage that seem to accumulate success and have a life of privilege and esteem.  In reality though, the majority of people have to work hard to achieve their goals, dreams, passions and desires.  To attain victory and success over our weaknesses and in every area of our lives we cannot remain complacent or stay in a mediocre mindset.  We have to attack those weaknesses with diligence to see that Berlin Wall come tumbling down.

We need to work at those weaknesses, after all the Grand Canyon wasn’t formed overnight  (or was it?).  Attack those problem areas bit by bit and over time we will see a difference and begin to see change.  Then soon enough those problems will be the past and we can attack the next weakness on our list.  If we never chip away at those weaknesses then there are some things in our lives that we will never accomplish. This is the truth!  You want to make it on the Varsity team, then you need to ask those on the team what they did to get there and begin to attack those things that you lack to get you on the team.  Suck at remembering tasks, then find a few different memorization techniques to improve your memory etc.

We have the ability and capacity within in each of us to become the people we see ourselves being.  As any warrior will tell you, that in order to get across the battlefield, you are going to have to take out the enemy and hack and slash your way through the opposition.  That is the way war happens and the way it is in our everyday lives.  There are some things that will be easy to attack and defeat, others may take months or years.  However, with diligence, patience and perseverance you will have the reward of Victory.  And how sweet that day will be when you can look at that weakness and laugh, because you know that you have triumphed over it and it isn’t holding you back any longer.  Begin today to attack at least one weakness and start to gain back or gain ground over that and push towards the finish line!

Go and Feel The Burn today Nerds 🙂


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